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Check out this trailer to see what type of content to expect from Fantology:

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Content Description

Not only do we cover The Wheel Of Time in our episodes, but we have boldly undertaken the mission to cover the entirety of the fantasy book landscape. Yes, you read that right. Typically, we cover a single book or TV show/movie in an episode and move on to the next. Ultimately, our goal is to build up a library of reviews spanning the entirety of the genre and become the go-to podcasting resource for fantasy book rereads and reviews!

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How Can I Support Fantology?

It takes many hours and a lot of hard work to create content for the community to enjoy! Many of your favorite creators do this for little to no money. Your financial support shows them you value their work as well allows them to create more and more content for you to enjoy! Please consider the options below to support this creator!

1. Patreon

Patreon is the best way to directly support Fantology. Check out the various tiers on the Patreon as you get perks for your level of support! 


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We are Fantology, a core group of five friends that spent our formative years reading and re-reading every fantasy and science fiction book we could get our hands on, including The Wheel Of Time. Having talked about these books to death with each other, we decided it was time to expand our audience and start a podcast. If you're a listener of the podcast, thank you! We're flattered. If you listen and actually enjoy our content, hop on Discord, and chat with the growing community!

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