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Another Turning: A Wheel of Time Podcast



Check out this excerpt to see what to expect from Another Turning!

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Content Description

Another Turning is a podcast geared toward making predictions about the upcoming Amazon "Wheel of Time" adaptation. Ben and Jessi look back at previous work that has been done to adapt the Wheel of Time series and make guesses (both with some evidence from members of the project and just with our own baseless opinions) on what will be kept, left out, and changed in the future. Our YouTube channel features our podcast as well as general bookish content.

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Creator Bio

Creator Bio

We are Ben and Jessi, a brother and sister duo that have a deep love for The Wheel of Time series (and a non-fan mom really sick of hearing about it!). We started our channel as a way to talk to each other, and hopefully the Wheel of Time community, in a way to maybe annoy our family a little less. We are sometimes joined by our little brother Nate, a first-time reader.


Check out our introductions video to hear all about how we came to love Wheel of Time:

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