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Androl - Bard of Time



Check out this trailer to see what type of content to expect from Androl - Bard of Time:

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Content Description

Content Description

I write and record music based in the wheel of time and in the wheel of time community. Based mostly on Twitter @AndrolGenhald but are creating music that will be available on all platforms in due time...

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Creator Bio

Creator Bio

Started reading the Wheel of time when I was about 15 and fell in love with the massive world and the characters. When the TV-show was announced I started a Twitter profile based on one of my favorite characters from wot. I saw people sharing art they made and I thought that's something I could do. So I started to write little songs about the wheel of time and uploaded them to Twitter. My love for the community grew and I made so many songs that I eventually started to record an album.

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