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Wheel Talk With Recappa Sedai

Wheel Talk With Recappa Sedai

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Wheel Talk is a Wheel of Time comedy show. Each week, Recappa Sedai recaps and Delves a chapter from the series. Every recap is divided into non-spoiler and spoiler sections, so whether it's your first read-through or your fiftieth, all WOT fans are welcome!

Creator Bio

Recappa Tellit was born in Maerone, Cairhien. She has been an Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah for over two centuries, and a Sitter in the Hall for nearly 50 years. She specializes in the history of the White Tower and Tarmon Gai’don.

Wheel Talk is intended for first-time readers and long-time fans of The Wheel of Time. It was created to celebrate the books, prepare us all for the upcoming show, and start conversations among fans. Get on board--we're having fun!

“The other Ajahs worry about making today better; we yearn to make tomorrow better.” -Verin Sedai

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