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The Way of the Leaf

The Way of the Leaf

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The Way of The Leaf are brothers Ryan and Dan. We make content for both YouTube and podcasts. We host a weekly First Time Reader Livestream show on YouTube and make additional and varied YouTube content. Our podcast The LeafCast is a Reread Podcast. The first half of every episode is a Spoiler-Free recap and discussion. The second half is a Spoiler Filled Free-for-All segment called Tavern Talk.

oh yeah . . . we're puppets also.

Creator Bio

Ryan picked up the series first and introduced Brother Dan by giving him the first 7 books Ryan had plowed through. Dan drove home and proceeded to also plow through the books until we both had to wait . . . and wait . . . and wait for the next 6 books to arrive. This was Ryan's First Fantasy book/series ever.

The minute I heard that there was going to be an Amazon Series made I decided that I wanted to make a podcast and talked BrotherDan into it.

The puppets are a happy accident.

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