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Sul'dam, which means "Leash Holder" in the Old Tongue, is the title for a Seanchan woman who has been trained to use the a'dam to control other women who can channel, who are referred to as damane, which means "Leashed One' in the Old Tongue.

Sul'dam use the a'dam to control the damene's ability to channel the One Power. 

The sul'dam is a very honored role in Seanchan society. They are tested for the ability to become a sul'dam at a young age when most Seanchan women are tested to see if they can channel. If they are able to channel, they are made damane. What is known to only a few in Seanchan society is that the damane are simply the women born with the spark to channel. Sul'dam are women who are not born with the spark but have the ability to learn to channel. This is how they are able to use the a'dam to control damane.

This is a major threat to the Seanchan way of life as much of their society is based around the idea that woman who can channel deserve to be leashed for their protection and the protection of society. This enslavement of women who can channel is central to not only the belief system of the Seanchan people, but also vital to their military prowess as damane are used in battle frequently by the Seanchan armies.

Sul'dam often "train" their damane captives like pets, rewarding them for good behavior with treats and pats on the head and with endearing terms, but punishing them harshly when they disobey.

Sul'dam have a specific uniform to identify themselves in Seanchan society. They wear an ankle-length blue dress that has panels of red with silver forked lightning bolts.

A Der'sul'dam is a very high ranking sul'dam that trains other sul'dam and is considered a master damane trainer. Often times, a der'sul'dam is a member of the Seanchan Blood. Der'sul'dam means "Master Leash Holder" in the Old Tongue.

List of Known Sul'dam and Der'Sul'Dam

Alwhin: High Lady Suroth's Voice of the Blood. Prior to attaining this position, she was a sul'dam but was raised to so'jhin to keep her quiet as she was one of the few that learned of sul'dam being able to channel. 

Bethamin Zeami: a sul'dam in Ebou Dar that Egeanin and Mat forced to help them escape Ebou Dar with Aes Sedai. She was aware of the secret that sul'dam could channel and later learned to channel officially by the Aes Sedai with Mat.

Catrona: a sul'dam in Tuon's service

Ciar: a sul'dam that Semirhage brought to her meeting with Rand al'Thor when she was posing as the Daughter of the Nine Moons. Ciar was unaware that she was accompanying a member of the Forsaken and vomited on her dress when she learns of this during the fight.

Essonde: the der'sul'dam in charge of all sul'dam and damane in the Tarasin Palace in Ebou Dar

Falendre: a sul'dam that was brought by Semirhage to her meeting with Rand al'Thor when she was posing as the Daughter of the Nine Moons. Like Ciar, Falendre was unaware she was accompanying Semirhage. At the conclusion of the fight, Rand sends to her to set up a meeting with the real Daughter of the Nine Moons.

Gregana: a sul'dam that participated in the Battle of the White Tower when the Seanchan attacked. She briefly captures Adelorna Bastine before Egwene kills her and frees Adelorna.

Ianelle: a sul'dam in Tuon's service

Iona: a sul'dam present in Ebou Dar

Kaisea: a sul'dam that was captured in Rand's battles with the Seanchan. Eventually she is left in the Kin's custody and she accepted that she could see weaves of the One Power and then insisted she be collared as a damane.

Lanelle: a sul'dam in Ebou Dar present when Beslan swears to Tuon.

Lisaine Jarath: a der'sul'dam who fought along side Seanchan general Kennar Miraj in his battles with the forces of Rand al'Thor

Malahavana: a sul'dam that participated in the fighting at the White Tower. She was linked to her damane Dali

Malian: another of the sul'dam present when Semirhage met with Rand al'Thor posing as the Daughter of the Nine Moons

Marli: Another of the sul'dam captured by Rand's forces in his battles with the Seanchan. She is eventually sent to Caemlyn and held by the Kin

Malitene: a der'sul'dam who oversees all of Tuon's personal damane

Mulaen: a sul'dam present in Falme

Nerith: a sul'dam that was with Seanchan captain Assid Bakuun when they are attacked by Rand al'Thor's forces. She is captured and sent to Caemlyn and held eventually by the Kin

Renna Emain: the sul'dam that held Egwene al'Vere's a'dam when she was captured. She is left collared with the a'dam when Egwene escapes. She is found, but the fact she could be leashed was covered up to protect Seanchan society. She later is forced in to helping Mat Cauthon and Egeanin escape Ebou Dar. She attempts to flee from Mat and stabs Egeanin, but is shot and killed with arrows.

Seta Zarbey: another of the sul'dam in Falme. She was collared with Renna, but this was covered up. She also helps Mat and Egeanin escape Ebou Dar with the Aes Sedai and later is taught to channel by those Aes Sedai

Shanan: a sul'dam that captures Moghedien after the Last Battle

Surela: a sul'dam in service of High Lady Suroth while she is in Cantorin

Surine: a sul'dam present at Falme. After the defeat of the Seanchan at Falme, she deserts

Surya: another sul'dam present when Rand meets with Semirhage who is posing as the Daughter of the Nine Moons

Taisa: a sul'dam in the service of High Lady Suroth while she is in Cantorin

Talha: a sul'dam accompanying Semirhage, who is posing as the Daughter of the Nine Moons while she meets with Rand

Tanera: a sul'dam that is killed in the battle between Semirhage and Rand

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