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The One Power

Basic Information

What is the One Power?

What is the One Power?

The One Power is the force or power that drives the turning of the Wheel of Time. It is an unlimited source of power and it drives the passing of time and the cycles of the Wheel of Time universe. It is often also referred to as the True Source as this is the source of power directly from the Creator.

The One Power can be used or "channeled" by men and women with the ability. By using the One Power, great feats can be accomplished and the person that channels the One Power can experience great benefits.

The One Power is split into 5 separate powers that make up its whole. These powers are Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Spirit, representing the core elements that make up the world of the Wheel of Time universe.

Additionally, the One Power and its 5 smaller parts are split into two halves called Saidar, usable only by women, and Saidin, usable only by men.

Channeling The One Power

Channeling the One Power

Individuals may have the ability to use the One Power, often referred to as Channeling. Channelers have the ability to "weave" the Five Powers that make up the One Power into various nets or patterns that have a desired effect. 

For example, the weaves for Healing at the beginning of the story involve using threads of Water, Air, and Spirit. 

Each different weave is a combination of the Five Powers woven in a specific way. 

There are many different things that can be accomplished using the One Power. For example, channelers can heal injuries and sickness, find ores or metals in the ground, throw fireballs from their hands, call lightning from the sky, control the weather and winds, travel instantaneously from one place to another, change their appearance, and even control someone else's actions through Compulsion. These are just a few of the many things that can be accomplished through channeling the One Power.

Many that can channel the One Power also have special Talents that give them an ability not many others have or make them stronger in a certain area than other channelers. Some examples of Talents are Cloud Dancing, Healing, Foretelling, and Traveling. 

Known Talents

Aligning the Matrix - An Age of Legends era talent that was rediscovered near the end of the story. This Talent allows for the strengthening of metals and the making of Power-wrought weapons.

Cloud Dancing - The ability to control and align the weather. This is a Talent that few Aes Sedai possess, but is very common among the Sea Folk. They refer to it as Weaving the WInds. Verin Mathwin, Moiraine Damodred, and Elayne Trakand are all known to be capable at Cloud Dancing.

Compulsion - This Talent was primarily used by followers of the Shadow. Compulsion allows the user to influence and in some cases control the minds of another. Compulsion can be used to various degrees from completely removing someone's personality and making them a slave to gently influencing their decisions. Graendal was said to be the master of Compulsion. Nynaeve later discovered how to remove Compulsion.

Delving - This is the ability to determine a person's level of injury or illness using the One Power. Some channelers are more skilled and more delicate with Delving than others. Verin Mathwin considers herself exceptionally strong at Delving. Nynaeve al'Meara is very strong at Delving as well. She was able to find Compulsion, the scar left by Stilling, and even the madness caused by the Taint on Saidin using Delving.

Earth Singing - This Talent is the ability to influence the earth and metals. This can be used to find ores, cause or prevent earthquakes, and even cause avalanches. This Talent requires great strength in Earth, something that is rare among female channelers. Egwene al'Vere has this Talent.

Healing - The ability to heal wounds or illness. Some Channelers have a greater degree of strength in Healing than others. Some channelers cannot heal more than a bruise while others can bring anyone back from the very brink of death. 

Listening to the Wind - This is an ability to predict the weather. While many "Wise Women" or "Wisdoms" claim this ability, they must be able to use Saidar to truly use the ability. Nynaeve has this ability and her ability extends to the ability to sense coming problems as well as coming bad weather.

Reading Residues - This is the ability to see the residues of previous weaves that have dissipated and be able to determine what they are. Very few have this Talent. If a weave is "unwoven" however, the residue cannot be read.

Seeing Ta'veren - The ability to see ta'veren. When someone with this Talent sees a ta'veren, they see the person with a shining light around them. Logain Ablar, Siuan Sanche, and Nicola Treehill all have this Talent.

Shielding - This is the ability to shield someone else from touching the True Source. While most people that can channel can shield another from the One Power, some are able to do this to a degree that is well beyond their strength level in the One Power. Berowin, a relatively weak member of the Kin, is able to shield Nynaeve and Elayne at the same time due to her Talent with shielding.

Ter'angreal Creation - This Talent is the ability to create new ter'angreal, which are objects that use the One Power. Very few in the current Age are able to do this, but Elayne Trakand appears to have the ability.

Ter'angreal Reading - This is the ability to hold a ter'angreal and be able to tell what it does. Aviendha has this Talent.

Traveling - This is the ability to move from location to location instantly by opening gateways. While most channelers can do this if they have sufficient strength, some channelers can make larger gateways or can create them at all despite their weakness in the one Power. Androl Genhald has this Talent and is able to open large gateways with ease despite his relative weakness in the One Power.

Who Can Channel???

Who Can Channel???

Those that can channel the One Power are either born with the "spark" or with the ability to learn. Those that have the spark would begin channeling

New Spring

New Spring

After having been Accepted for 3 years, the events of New Spring are where we first meet Moiraine in the story. 

In 978 NE, the final battles of the Aiel War were taking place outside the city of Tar Valon, often referred to as the Battle of the Blood Snow. The combined forces of the Westlands and King Lamon Damodred had retreated to the shores of Tar Valon to escape the onslaught of the four Aiel clans that had crossed the Dragonwall to exact justice on King Laman for cutting down Avendoraldera, a sapling of a chora tree that was gifted to the Cairhienin some 400 years earlier.

During the battle, Moiraine and Siuan attended the Amyrlin Seat, Tamra Ospenya and her Keeper of the Chronicles, Gitara Moroso. It was during this time Gitara Moroso fell over dead, but not before giving a Foretelling that the Dragon had been reborn on the slopes of Dragonmount at that moment. They were sworn to secrecy by the Amyrlin and soon after Moiraine and Siuan made a pact that they would find and guide the Dragon Reborn. 

Moiraine and Siuan are sent to assist in collecting names of women who had given birth to a child in the vicinity of Tar Valon during the battle, along with many of the other Accepted. The Amyrlin had decreed that money would be given as a bounty to these women, but this was really just a guise to obtain the names for the possible Dragon Reborn. 

Also at this time, they are studying for their final tests to become full Aes Sedai. Elaida drills them very hard, even beating them, but this actually helps them to prepare for the final test. Moiraine passes her test for the shawl, despite Elaida making the final test exceedingly difficult. Siuan passes her test as well, and they both decide to put rats in Elaida's bed as revenge, but they are caught and switched the night before they are formally raised.

As newly raised Aes Sedai, Moiraine and Siuan both choose the Blue Ajah and set out on their quest to find the Dragon Reborn, but are quickly thwarted after Moiraine is assigned to distribute the bounty and Siuan is recruited by Cetalia Delarme, the head of the Blue Ajah's eyes and ears.

Moiraine is finally relieved of distributing the bounty by the new Keeper, Sierin Vayu, but she is told to stay in Tar Valon and she believes it is because they want her to take the throne of Cairhien now that her uncle is dead. Moiraine realizes that if she was forced to become Queen of Cairhien, she would never be able to seek out and find the Dragon Reborn.

Her and Siuan plan for Moiraine to run away from Tar Valon and seek the Dragon Reborn while Siuan will remain to follow clues within the White Tower.

Moiraine follows a lead and arrives in Canluum, a town in Kandor. She interviews Jurine Najima, a woman living near the town. Moiraine believes her to be a possible mother of the Dragon Reborn, but upon interviewing her, realizes that Jerid was born in the wrong place.

Moiraine takes a room at The Gates of Heaven in Canluum but realizes that there are other Aes Sedai staying there as well. Cadsuane Melaidhrin and two other Aes Sedai, Merean and Larelle are also staying in The Gates of Heaven. Cadsuane interrogates Moiraine and orders Merean and Larelle to accompany Moiraine to Chachin.

Siuan comes and meets Moiraine that night and tells her of the Black Ajah and warns her that the searchers for the Dragon Reborn that had been sent by the Amyrlin were dead. Moiraine also spots a man named Ryne Venamar talking with one of the Aes Sedai. He is a friend of Lan Mandragoran and the next morning, Moiraine sneaks away from The Gates of Heaven and follows Lan, his companion Bukama Marenellin, and Ryne. They notice her following them and trick her into meeting them and Lan throws her into a pond. They agree to escort her to Chachin.

On the trip to Chachin, they are forced to deal with assassins and brigands and Moiraine torments Lan the entire trip and he gallops away from her once the arrive in Chachin.

She seeks out Siuan and finds her in The Evening Star. They discover that the Black Ajah is killing men in the city and they make plans to enter the Aesdaishar Palace. They decide that Moiraine will enter the palace as herself with Siuan acting as her maid named Suki.

While in the palace, they discover that Lady Ines Demain has been in seclusion after her husband fell dead a few weeks earlier and Siuan is sent to try to find more on her.

Moiraine meets with the Prince Consort of Kandor, Brys and his son, Diryk. Moiraine later sees Merean in the palace as well and seeing Lan and Bukama in the palace as well, asks Lan to have Bukama watch her as Moiraine suspects her of being Black Ajah. Lan agrees after Moiraine tells Lan that the White Tower failed Malkier.

Lan later comes back to Moiraine after he finds Bukama dead and they rush to find Merean and Ryne on a secluded balcony with Brys, Diryk, and Iselle Arrel. Merean murders the three of them by wrapping them in flows of air and dropping them off the balcony. Moiraine is unable to stop her from killing them but does stab Merean in the back. Lan defeats Ryne, whom it is discovered is a Darkfriend.

As a result, Moiraine and Siuan conclude that the forces of the Shadow do not know that the Dragon Reborn is still a baby. Moiraine also tells Lan at this time about her mission and asks him to be her Warder, to which he agrees.

New Spring NICE.jpeg

Actions Between the Books

Actions Between the Books

After the events of New Spring, Moiraine and Lan spend most of their time traveling around the Westlands in search of the Dragon Reborn, following leads that were gathered from the bounty at the end of the Battle of the Blood Snow. 

Siuan is eventually raised to the Amyrlin Seat and she and Moiraine keep their secret quest to find and guide the Dragon Reborn.

At some point during this 19 year period of time, Moiraine enters the Blight and finds the Eye of the World and speaks with Someshta, the Green Man.

Eye of the World

Eye of the World

Around 19 years from the events of New Spring, Moiraine and Lan arrive in the Two Rivers in search of the Dragon Reborn. She asks questions around the village, telling most of the villagers that she is collecting old stories. She mostly asks about boys that were born in the same period of time and narrows her search down to three boys, Matrim Cauthon, Perrin Aybara, and Rand al'Thor. She meets the boys on the Green on Winternight and hands each of them a silver mark for future services she may ask of them.

Each of the coins was actually warded so that she could follow and have a "bond" of the sort with each of the boys.

That same night, Trollocs attack Emond's Field and she and Lan lead the defense of the town. She channels the One Power and kills many Trollocs with the Power. In the aftermath of the attack, she heals those that are injured and Rand arrives from the Westwood with his father, Tam al'Thor. Tam had been injured by a tainted Trolloc weapon. Moiraine heals Tam of his wounds, but he is very weak and will have a long recovery time.

Moiraine explains to Rand, Mat, and Perrin that they must leave the Two Rivers and that the attack on Emond's Field was to get to them. They do not believe her at first, but she wins them over by pointing out the areas that were attacked by the Trollocs being associated with them.

As they are about to leave, the villagers form a mob and they try to tell Moiraine and Lan to leave the village as they believe it was the Aes Sedai and her Warder that brought the Trollocs to the area. She tells them the story of Manetheren and the heroic actions of the ancestors of the people from the Two Rivers. This, in effect, shames the villagers and they allow her and Lan to pass. They meet Rand, Mat, and Perrin in the stables, but Thom Merrilin, the gleeman that was also in town for the Bel Tine festival, is in the stables as well and desires to leave with them. Egwene al'Vere, the mayor's daughter also desires to leave with the party. Moiraine allows it and they set off in the night.


They ride to Watch Hill, where Moiraine removes everyone's fatigue and they continue on to Taren Ferry, all while being pursued by a Draghkar. They cross the Taren River and Moiraine destroys the ferry after their crossing to prevent any forces of the Shadow from following, an act that horrifies the Emond's Field group as they still do not quite grasp the danger that they are in.

The party travels to Baerlon and Moiraine begins teaching Egwene the basics of channeling on the trip. Once they arrive in Baerlon, they stop at the Stag and Lion Inn for some rest. The group rests and Moiraine speaks with Min Farshaw, a girl with a special ability to read the Pattern around people. 

The 2nd day they are in Baerlon, Nynaeve al'Meara, the Wisdom from Emond's Field arrives and finds them in the Stag and Lion. After an argument, Nynaeve agrees to accompany the party on their way to Tar Valon. 

That evening, Rand is confronted by a Fade in the Inn and the party is forced to flee in the night. On the way out of Baerlon, they have an encounter with the Children of the Light and Moiraine is forced to use the One Power to frighten the Children.

They travel east for 3 days until they are again attacked by Trollocs. Moiraine uses fire and earth to block the Trollocs from getting to them, but the party is forced to take refuge in the abandoned city of Shadar Logoth. 

The Trollocs enter Shadar Logoth and the party is again forced to flee. This time, on their way out of the ruined city, the party is separated by Mashadar, the evil that devoured the city. Moiraine, Lan, and Nynaeve are separated from the boys and Egwene.

Moiraine is able to track the boys through the coins that she gave them in Emond's Field. After some tracking and some time, they find Perrin and Egwene have been captured by the Children of the Light and stage a rescue. Moiraine provides a distraction, Nynaeve cut the horse lines, and Lan rescued Perrin and Egwene.

After rescuing Perrin and Egwene, Moiraine leads the party to Caemlyn where they find Rand and Mat in the Queen's Blessing. Upon being reunited, Moiraine notices the ruby-hilted dagger that Mat possessed and she attempts to heal him of its taint. She is successful in temporarily sealing off the taint of the dagger from immediately killing him, but she is unable on her own to separate him from the dagger. 

Lan discovers that Trollocs have surrounded the city and they also discover that Elaida is searching the city for Rand after a mishap where he found himself in front of the Queen. Moiraine makes a quick change of plans and rather than heading for Tar Valon, she decides to make their destination Fal Dara and the Eye of the World after hearing multiple times about the Eye in dreams, stories, and rumors.

She decides to make use of Loial, an Ogier that Rand met at the Queen's Blessing. He will lead them through the Ways, a corrupted method of transportation that was built after the Breaking of the World to allow the Ogier to travel vast distances very quickly. The Ways have fallen to the taint and are quite dangerous, but Loial reluctantly agrees to lead them through the Ways to Fal Dara.

After a few days in the Ways, Moiraine is forced to use the One Power to attempt to fend off Machin Shin, the embodiment of the taint within the ways. They barely escape with their lives and arrive at Fal Dara, a fortress near the Great Blight.


They meet with Lord Agelmar, the master of the fortress and he apprises them of the upcoming battle as a Trolloc army is advancing on Shienar. Agelmar asks Moiraine to assist in the battle but she refuses him stating that her battle will be at the Eye of the World and that they must leave at first light.

Padan Fain is captured trying to get into the keep and after Moiraine questions him, it is discovered that he was a Darkfriend tasked with tracking down Rand, Mat, and Perrin. He was responsible for bringing the Trollocs to Emond's Field as well.

The next morning the party enters the Blight on their quest to find the Eye of the World. It is said that it can only be found once, and Moiraine has already been to the Eye of the World. She states that the key is need and that she believes her need is greater than any need. They battle the creatures of the Blight and eventually make it to the Eye of the World, where they are greeted by the Green Man.

As they examine the pool of untainted Saidin at the Eye, they are approached by Balthamel and Aginor, two of the Forsaken that have recently broken free from their prison. Moiraine attempts to stop Aginor by holding him with the power and is successful for a short time before she is injured. The Green Man kills Balthamel and Aginor and Rand fight before Aginor is killed by drawing too much of the Power from the Eye.

After Rand fights Ba'alzamon and returns, he finds Moiraine injured and being treated by Egwene and Nynaeve. Mat, Perrin, and Loial bring up the contents of the now-empty Eye and they discover they have the Horn of Valere, a seal on the Dark One's prison, and the banner of Lews Therin Telamon.

Moiraine and the party leave the Eye of the World after the death of the Green Man and return to Fal Dara.

The Eye of The World NICE.jpg

The Great Hunt

The Great Hunt
The Great Hunt NICE.jpg

At the beginning of the story, Moiraine has left Fal Dara for a few days while the party recovers. It has been nearly a month since the events of the Eye of the World. She returns the night before the Amyrlin Seat arrives with her party in Fal Dara.

She is summoned before the Amyrlin Seat, Siuan Sanche. They exchange news and discuss Rand. Moiraine shows her the broken seal from the Dark One's prison and lets her know that Rand is the Dragon Reborn. They have secretly been in on a plot since they were first raised to Aes Sedai. They know Rand is fighting his destiny and they plan to influence him by letting him go free for now. They will have him take the Horn of Valere to Illian.

Not long after this meeting, there is an attack on Fal Dara by Trollocs and Padan Fain is rescued from the dungeons. Moiraine arrives in the dungeons where she finds Rand and Liandrin and she is very suspicious of Liandrin. They discover that in the fight, the Horn of Valere and the ruby dagger that was connected to Mat from Shadar Logoth had been taken.

She helps to partially heal Mat and afterward, she, the Amyrlin, and Verin Mathwin have a discussion about the Dark Prophecy that was left written on the dungeon walls. Verin reveals that she realizes Rand is the Dragon Reborn and is reluctantly brought in to Moiraine and Siuan's confidence. They are all three present when the Amyrlin tells Rand he is the Dragon Reborn and they send him off on a quest to recover the Horn of Valere and recover the dagger so Mat could be fully healed of its influence.

Moiraine makes sure Rand's clothing is fit for a Lord and sends the Dragon Banner of Lews Therin Telamon with Lord Ingtar to give to Rand. She also makes sure that Rand is selected as the 2nd in command to Ingtar on the quest.

Moiraine then travels to the home of two retired Aes Sedai sisters named Vandene and Adeleas Namelle. She is there to do research on Falme and what it might have to do with the Dragon Reborn and the prophecies of the Dragon. 

While there, she is attacked by a Draghkar and barely survives after being saved by Lan. 

She and Lan then travel to Falme where they meet up with the party after the battle at Falme. They head east as the book ends.

The Dragon Reborn

The Dragon Reborn

Moiraine and Rand and the rest of their party have been camped for the winter in the Mountains of Mist. Moiraine meets with one of her eyes and ears, a woman named Leya. She brings reports to Moiraine about the wars on Almoth Plain.

The camp is attacked by Trollocs and Leya is killed, but Moiraine is able to heal some of the wounded Sheinaren soldiers. After frustration with Moiraine not wanting him to go to those fighting for him on Almoth Plain and the struggle with who he is, Rand leaves in the night alone.

Moiraine sets out with Lan, Loial, and Perrin to track down Rand. They deduce that Rand is headed for Tear and Callandor.

They leave the Mountains of Mist and enter Ghealdan and stop briefly in the town of Jarra. Perrin finds another wolf-brother, but one who is completely wolf at this point. He asks Moiraine to heal him, but she states there is nothing to heal and then warns Perrin of his dreams.

After following Rand some more, they make a decision to travel to Illian by boat to make up some ground. They travel aboard the Snow Goose. On the boat, they meet Faile and she insists on joining the party. After Moiraine is unable to deter her, she reluctantly allows her to join them, provided she obeys and doesn't ask questions.

They stop at Easing the Badger, an inn in Illian. Inside, Perrin is attacked by grey men and Moiraine leaves to investigate the city. She returns after discovering the Sammael is ruling in the city as Lord Brend.


They are then chased out of Illian by a pack of Darkhounds. Moiraine uses Balefire to kill the majority of the pack. After defeating the Darkhounds, they continue towards Tear. 

Once arriving in Tear, they realize that Be'lal is ruling in Tear. Their rooms are trapped and Faile is caught in the trap that was meant for Moiraine. While Perrin rescues Faile from the World of Dreams, Moiraine sets off to the Stone of Tear with Lan to confront Be'lal and save Rand.

Once inside the stone, she kills Be'lal just as he was about to kill Rand. She uses balefire and surprises the Forsaken. She is thrown aside by Ba'alzamon but Rand kills him. She finds an intact seal of the Dark One's prison in the Stone and she learns that the Aiel are the People of the Dragon that are mentioned in the Prophecies of the Dragon. 

At the very end of the story, Moiraine receives a letter from Lanfear claiming that she can keep Rand for her but that she will ultimately come back for him.

The Dragon Reborn NICE.jpg

The Shadow Rising

The Shadow Rising
The Shadow Rising NICE.jpg

Moiraine sends a pigeon to Siuan Sanche that the Stone of Tear fell and that Rand took Callandor.

She also assists Egwene and Nynaeve in their questioning of Amico Nagoyin and Joiya Byir. One of the stories they tell in the questioning is of a plot to free Mazrim Taim, a captured False Dragon. Moiraine does not inform Nynaeve and Egwene, but she sends three pigeons to the Amyrlin warning her of this threat.

A bubble of evil hits the Stone of Tear and Moiraine heals Rand's wounds. She warns him to move and act or else his enemies will catch up to him and the Tairen people will not follow him forever.

Moiraine tells Egwene and Nynaeve of her desire for Rand to move on Illian and take on Sammael. She believes this would win him the support of Tear, remove one of his strongest challengers and enemies, and cement his rule of both nations. She tells them also of the twisted redstone doorway ter'angreal in the Great Holding in the Stone.

After a battle with Shadowspawn in the Stone where a young girl was killed, she convinces Rand to let go of Callandor as he tries to bring a dead girl back to life. 

As Egwene and Nynaeve and Elayne inform her that Nynaeve and Elayne would be going to Tanchico and Egwene to the Aiel Waste, she passes on a letter she received ordering Aviendha to go to Rhuidean as well.

At this point, Moiraine enters the redstone doorframe ter'angreal to get three answers from the Aelfinn. She keeps her answers mysterious here, but we eventually learn what they are at a later time.

Moiraine gives Elayne and Nynaeve a vast amount of money to go to Tanchico and hire a ship. She also talks Thom Merrilin in to accompanying the two of them, telling him that she will give him information on the Red Ajah sisters that gentled his nephew Owyn. 

Later, she witnesses Rand make his pronouncement that he would go to the Waste and Rhuidean. She watches him leave Callandor in the Stone as well. She accompanies Rand to the Waste via Portal Stone.

When they arrive at Chaendaer in the Waste, just above Rhuidean, she is told by the Wise One Melaine that she must go to Rhuidean as well and so she goes. She returns many days later and sees her confrontation with Lanfear while in the Three Rings in Rhuidean. 

She follows Rand as he moves from Imre Stand to Cold Rocks Hold. She spends much of her time with the Wise Ones. She also continually badgers Rand about his plans and what he intends with the Aiel. He refuses to trust her, telling her that if she will not let him go his own way, then he will not confide in her.

When Rand returns from Rhuidean for the second time after confronting Asmodean, she joins him as he speaks to the Clan Chiefs and Wise Ones. The clans that are present, minus the Shaido, acknowledge him as "He Who Comes With the Dawn" and he is proclaimed the Car'a'carn.

The Fires of Heaven

Fires of Heaven

The party has moved into Rhuidean, which is quickly becoming a bustling Aiel city. Moiraine has spent much of her time gathering the many ter'angreal and other objects of the Power that were left around the main square of Rhuidean. She has them loaded into Hadnan Kadere's wagons to be transported to the White Tower. She finds a particularly strong angreal which she takes.

She meets with Rand and he is very dismissive of her as he believes she is trying to manipulate him. She shows him the seal on the Dark One's prison that had been found.

She then meets with the Wise Ones, trying to convince them that Rand taking the Aiel across the Dragonwall would be a bad idea. The Wise One's do not agree with her and dismiss her after the discussion.

Darkhounds attack the city and after Rand kills them with balefire, she attempts to warn him of the dangers of using it, but he ignores her as he runs to save Mat, whom he realizes must also have been attacked. She follows and attempts to heal Mat who had some Darkhound saliva on his arm. She is unable to heal him temporarily due to his Foxhead Medallion ter'angreal that he had received from the Eelfinn. 

She then begs Rand to allow her to advise him and gives him an oath of obedience. They come to an agreement and she again warns him of using balefire and its effects of erasing the past.

Egwene informs Moiraine that Siuan Sanche had been deposed. Moiraine begins to instruct Rand in politics as they chase the Shaido through the Jangai Pass. She tells Rand not to trust any Aes Sedai other than herself, Nynaeve, Elayne, and Egwene. 

Moiraine stays near and continually checks on the ter'angreal wagons, and specifically the redstone doorframe. She also stays near Rand, again resorting to begging him at times to stay near. She keeps the wagons guarded tightly and stays out of the battle and uses her strength to heal the wounded.

As Rand enters Cairhien, he asks Moiraine to accompany him but she is preoccupied again with the wagons. She brings Rand letters from both Elaida and Alviarin. She also hears the news that Morgase is dead and convinces Rand not to rush straight to Caemlyn right now but to wait until the next morning.

She then goes down to the docks of Cairhien and places the ivory bracelet angreal near the doorframe and writes letters to both Thom and to Rand. 

The next morning, Lanfear attacks Rand on the docks but Moiraine tackles her into the redstone doorframe, saving Rand.

Rand later reads her letter, informing him that she knew this would come and that she could not tell him because he might have tried to save her over himself. She warns him not to trust Aes Sedai and also to be wary of Jasin Natael, who she clearly knew was actually Asmodean, despite Rand thinking no one knew.

The Fires of Heaven NICe.jpg

Lord of Chaos

Lord of Chaos

Moiraine does not appear in this book and has no notable references.

Crown of Swords

Crown of Swords

Moiraine does not appear in this book and has no notable references.

Path of Daggers

Path of Daggers

Moiraine does not appear in this book and has no notable references.

Winter's Heart

Winter's Heart

Moiraine does not appear in this book and has no notable references.

Crossroads of Twilight

Crossroads of Twilight

Moiraine does not appear in this book and has no notable references.

Knife of Dreams

Knife of Dreams

While Mat and Thom travel with Tuon and the rest of their party, Thom finally reveals the contents of the letter that he received from Moiraine before her disappearance.

The letter says that she is not, in fact, dead, but rather, she is a prisoner of the Aelfinn and Eelfinn. Mat agrees to help Thom rescue her when the time comes.

Knife of Dreams NICE.jpg

A Gathering Storm

Gathering Storm

Moiraine does not appear in this book and has no notable references.

Towers of Midnight

Towers of Midnight
Towers of Midnight NICE.jpg

Mat, Thom, and Noal venture in to rescue Moiraine through the Tower of Ghenjei. Mat, Thom, and Noal find her in the Chamber of Bonds and Thom picks her up. They eventually escape with Mat sacrificing his eye and Noal sacrificing his life.

They find out that the Finns fed on her ability to channel and that she is no longer very strong with the One Power, but she did receive the angreal bracelet that was very powerful and made her more powerful than she was before when using it.

Thom and Moiraine profess their love for one another, which surprises Mat. The story ends with her need to find Rand.

A Memory of Light

A Memory of Light

Moiraine appears at the Field of Merrilor just in time to salvage the meeting for the Dragon's Peace. She saves the meeting by quoting the Prophecies of the Dragon and talking sense to the various rulers, specifically Egwene and Rand. Her appearance and the shock it caused get the rulers to sign the document and begin the Last Battle.

Leading up to the final confrontation with the Dark One, Moiraine counsels Rand and advises him to stay away from the physical confrontations and make his move on the Dark One. When he tells her that she wants to kill the Dark One, she does not believe it can be done.

She is one of the two women that accompanies Rand to Shayol Ghul. She is linked with him and Nynaeve as he battles the Dark One. When Moridin picks up Callandor, they take control of the True Power and One Power through him and Rand uses the trap to seal the Dark One's prison.

After the battle, Moiraine mourns Rand after escaping the cave as it collapsed and she falls in to Thom's arms.

A Memory of Light NICE.jpg

Character Summaries

Special Abilities

Special Abilities

Moiraine is an Aes Sedai, with the ability to channel the One Power born in her. She is one of the Aes Sedai with the spark born into her.

Before the start of the story, she was considered one of the strongest channelers alive with only Siuan Sanche, Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan, Lelaine Akashi, and Romanda Cassin (retired) equaling her in strength and Cadsuane Melaidhrin surpassing her strength.

After the discovery of strong channelers like Egwene al'Vere, Elayne Trakand, and Nynaeve al'Meara, Moiraine is considered strong, but she is surpassed in strength greatly by the three of them, greatly so by Nynaeve.

Moiraine had an original strength in the power at 13(1), but after her time being imprisoned by the Finns and their consumption of her ability to channel, her strength has been greatly reduced to 66(54).

Moiraine is considered very talented at Healing and Cloud Dancing. She states she is not at her strongest when working with Earth and Fire. She had the ability to use Balefire and was strong enough to be able to Travel, but she disappeared before she could learn the Weave.

She often employs the use of a trick with the One Power that she used in her youth. She is able to eavesdrop using the One Power, using her kesiera as a focus point.

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Notable Possessions

Moiraine's most notable possessions are her angreal. She possessed two during the time of the story.

The first was an ivory figurine that was a medium strength angreal. She used this during the first few books of the series. It made her far more strong with the One Power and enabled her to channel longer than she might be able to otherwise.

In Rhuidean, she obtained an ivory bracelet angreal that was almost as strong as a sa'angreal. She used this as bait for Lanfear and was given it back by the Finn after her capture. 

Notable Possession



Moiraine is one of the most important Aes Sedai of all time. She had remarkable achievements, from facing down 4 of the Fosaken, being the advisor to the Dragon Reborn, being apart of the circle that sealed the Dark One away, and a survivor of the time with the Finns. 

Without her lifelong quest and steadfast commitment to doing what she knew to be right, the Shadow may have been triumphant.

In Other Media

In Other Media
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Moiraine is set to be played by Rosamund Pike in the upcoming Wheel of Time television show being produced by Amazon Studios. The show is currently in production and is shooting for a 2020-2021 release.

Rosamund Pike is most known for her Academy Award-nominated work in the movie Gone Girl. 

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