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Great Serpent Ring

Great Serpent Ring.jpg
The Great Serpent Ring is an item given to initiates of the White Tower that have reached Accepted or are of special importance. ​The ring is made of gold and is fashioned as a serpent biting its own tail, representative of eternity. ​The Great Serpent Ring has traditionally been given to Accepted when they first pass their tests. Accepted wear the Great Serpent Ring exclusively on the third finger of their left hand, signifying their rank. ​Aes Sedai, on the other hand, wear the ring on whatever finger they choose or not at all. Sometimes, when prudent, an Aes Sedai will remove the ring to keep others from recognizing that they are affiliated with the White Tower. The Great Serpent Ring is the most recognizable identifier of an Aes Sedai around the Westlands. ​Once a woman is raised to the Accepted, she keeps her Great Serpent Ring even if she is sent away from the Tower. However; if that woman is ever found to be misrepresenting herself as a full Aes Sedai, her ring is confiscated and she is punished. ​Typically, only Accepted and Aes Sedai are permitted to wear the Great Serpent Ring, but occasionally influential and powerful women who train in the Tower are given a Great Serpent Ring to signify the alliance between their land and the White Tower. For example, Morgase Trakand, Queen of Andor at the beginning of the story, wears a Great Serpent Ring despite not being able to channel more than a tiny amount. This is due to the connection between Andor and the White Tower and the fact that Morgase spent time in the White Tower in her youth.
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