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Paet al'Caar

Andoran (Two Rivers)


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General Information

Paet al'Caar is a man from Emond's Field in the Two Rivers. He is married to Nela al'Caar and they have a son named Wil al'Caar. 

He is described as being long-jawed.


Paet al'Caar is present at the annual sheep shearing event at Widow Aynal's Meadow. He brings his sheep to be sheared by the town.

Much later, after the trolloc attack on Winternight, he is part of a mob that confronts Moiraine outside the Winespring Inn. He is later ashamed to be apart of this mob as he is reminded that Moiraine Healed Wil al'Caar, Paet's son, who had been injured in the attack. 

Later, when the trollocs attack Emond's Field again, Paet participates in the defense of Emond's Field under the leadership of Perrin Aybara.

In Other Media

Paet has not been cast as of yet in Amazon's Wheel of Time adaptation.

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