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Nela al'Caar

Andoran (Two Rivers)


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General Information

Nela al'Caar is a woman from Emond's Field. She is married to Paet al'Caar and they have a son named Wil al'Caar.

Nela is described as being long-faced with a gray streaked beard.


The first mention of Nela comes during Nynaeve al'Meara's test to become Accepted in the White Tower. During her time in the second of the three arches, she meets Nela who has gone crazy with grief due to her husband, Paet, and her son, Wil, having both died.

Nela is one of the women in Emond's Field that helps organize care of the children during the attack on Emond's Field by the forces of Shadowspawn during the Battle of the Two Rivers.

In Other Media

No one has been cast as Nela al'Caar as of yet in Amazon's adaptation of Wheel of Time.

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