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Jerilin al'Caar

Andoran (Two Rivers)


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General Information

Jerilin al'Caar is a young girl from Emond's Field in the Two Rivers. She has the ability to channel the One Power.


When Alanna Mosvani and Verin Mathwin leave the Two Rivers after the Battle of the Two Rivers, they take a number of girls with them who have the ability to learn to channel the One Power. They travel from the Two Rivers to Caemlyn. Rand visits the Alanna and Verin at their inn and he speaks with the girls, Jerilin included. He eventually scares the girls as he departs angerly after Alanna bonds him against his will. 

Later, Jerilin and the other Two Rivers girls join the Rebel Aes Sedai in Salidar and become Novices.

In Other Media

As of yet, no one has been cast as Jerilin al'Caar in Amazon's adaptation of Wheel of Time.

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