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Bethamin Zeami




Year of Birth:

unknown, mid 900s NE




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General Information

Bethamin Reami is a sul'dam who accompanied the Seanchan as they attempted to reconquer the Westlands.


Bethamin Zeami is a Seanchan woman who arrived in the Westlands at Falme. She was a sul'dam and was one of the women overseeing the damane when Egwene is captured by the Seanchan. ​When Rand al'Thor first declares himself the Dragon Reborn and the Heroes of the Horn fight the Seanchan, she walks into the damane quarters and sees Renna Emain and Seta Zarbey both collared by the a'dam. In seeing that sul'dam could be leashed, Bethamin flees Falme in terror, unable to come to terms with the fact that she can channel. ​Bethamin ends up in Tanchico, but is captured by Egeanin Tamarath after she is sent to find remnants of the Seanchan forces from Falme. Egeanin holds Bethamin in her basement, held by an a'dam. However, Egeanin does not reveal that she has Bethamin captive. She is unable to decide what to do with her, knowing full well the ramifications of sul'dam having the ability to channel on the Empire. ​Eventually, Egeanin lets Bethamin go after Egeanin meets Nynaeve al'Meara and Elayne Trakand. ​Bethamin joins with the rest of the Seanchan in Ebou Dar and resumes her duties as a sul'dam. She is approached by a Seeker while in Ebou Dar and he questions her about her relationship with Egeanin. Bethamin lies and tells the Seeker that she and Egeanin were friends. The Seeker believes there is a conspiracy involving HIgh Lady Suroth and Egeanin and information that could bring down the Empire. He sets Bethamin to the task of renewing her friendship with Egeanin, despite the latter having been raised to the Low Blood. He wants Bethamin to report all information she can gather from Egeanin. ​Rather than following through with the order, Bethamin tells Egeanin of the entire meeting. This prompts Egeanin to use Bethamin in her and Mat's strategy for leaving Ebou Dar. Bethamin, knowing that if it is discovered that sul'dam could channel that she could be leashed, helps Mat, Egeanin, and the Aes Sedai escape the city. ​The party joins Valan Luca's Traveling Circus to escape Seanchan eyes as they flee and Bethamin spends a good amount of time with Joline Maza, Teslyn Baradon, and Edesina Azzedin, the three Aes Sedai that she helped to escape. After a scuffle with Joline, she is wrapped in flows of Air by Joline. This treatment makes Bethamin so angry that she actually channels for the first time consciously. Joline begins to train Bethamin as a Novice and teaches her how to channel. ​She leaves the circus and Mat's company with Joline and goes to the White Tower to learn to channel.

In Other Media

Bethamin has not been cast as of yet in the Amazon Studios adaptation of The Wheel of Time.

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