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unknown, mid 900s NE




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Alwhin is a sul'dam that was present at Falme and later served the High Lady Suroth.


Alwhin is a Seanchan woman that made the crossing of the Aryth Ocean with The Return. Alwhin was a sul'dam with The Return and was at Falme. After the battle of Falme, she discovers both Renna and Seta, two other sul'dam, collared with the a'dam locked in the damane quarters. In discovering they could be leashed, Alwhin discovered the secret of the sul'dam actually being women who could channel. She reports this information to High Lady Suroth, who quickly makes her a so'jhin in her service to keep her quiet about what she had seen. She becomes Suroth's Voice, but occasionally still functions as a sul'dam, keeping Liandrin on the leash with the a'dam. Liandrin later poisons Alwhin to silence Alwhin, hoping to curry favor with Suroth.

In Other Media

Alwhin has not been cast for the Amazon Prime adaptation of Wheel of Time.

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