Adan al'Caar

ayy-den al car

Andoran (Two Rivers)


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General Information

Adan al'Caar is a young boy from the Two Rivers near the age of Rand al'Thor, Mat Cauthon, and Perrin Aybara. 


In the days before Bel Tine in 998 NE, Mat Cauthon played a prank on Adan al'Caar by telling him and a few of his friends, namely Ewin Finngar and Dag Coplin, that some farmers had seen ghost hounds in the woods, breathing fire. Mat then covered two of Master Luhhan's dogs with white flour and let them loose to scare Adan and his friends into thinking that they were the ghost hounds.

In Other Media

Adan al'Caar has not been cast as of yet in the Amazon Prime adaptation of the Wheel of Time.

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