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General Information

An angreal is an object that allows a channeler of the One Power to draw more of the Power than they would be able to unaided. Angreal function in a way that they multiply the channelers innate ability with the power by a certain percentage. Some angreal are more powerful than others. ​Sa'angreal are similar to angreal but far stronger. ​The stronger the channeler, the more of the Power that the angreal allows the channeler to use beyond their base level. ​An angreal is designed to be used by a man or by a woman, but none is known that can be used by both men and women. ​Angreal typically also have a buffer that prevents the channeler from drawing more of the Power than is safe for them to draw, although not all angreal have this buffer. ​Angreal are created through the use of a Seed, which is a ter'angreal that allows a channeler to slowly funnel power into an object over many months. This process creates the angreal, but leaves the channeler very weak. ​No angreal have been created since the Age of Legends, but it is likely is the next Age that they can be created as Rand gifted a Seed to Elayne Trakand before the Last Battle.

List of Known Angreal

Fat Bald Man

This angreal was created and used by men. Rand found it in the angreal in the Great Holding in the Stone of Tear. He lost the angreal at Dumai's Wells, but he later found it again and used it at Maradon. It is given to Logain to use during the Last Battle.

Woman in Flowing Robes

This angreal made for a woman was used by Moiraine Damodred through most of the first few books of the series. It is made of dark ivory and has the image of a woman in flowing robes carved into its surface.

Ivory Bracelet

This female angreal was discovered by Moiraine in Rhuidean and left for Lanfear to find right before Moiraine tackled her into the Twisted Doorway. Moiraine placed it where she did to lure Lanfear to a place she could be tackled into the doorway. Later, when Moiraine is rescued by Mat and Thom, she is given the angreal back by the Finns. It is a very strong angreal, almost on the level of being a sa'angreal. With it, Moiraine is far stronger than she was prior to her capture by the Finns, despite her greatly weakened base strength.

Shrike Hair Ornament

Cadsuane Melaidhrin has this female angreal in her hair ornaments as part of her paralis-bet. It is a weak angreal but she states that it makes her as strong as the strongest man when in use.

Lily Brooch

This female aligned angreal is kept by Verin Mathwin. She has had the angreal in her possession for some time. It is a very weak angreal.

Little Gold Ring

This female angreal was discovered by Graendal after searching Sammael's rooms in Illian just after his death and worn by her for much of the story until it is destroyed at Natrim's Barrow. It is a simple gold ring that she wears on her hand. She uses it on Cyndane and Moghedien when they come to bring her to Moridin. It is a very powerful angreal.

Ivory Knife

This is another female angreal that Graendal obtained after the destruction of her Little Gold Ring angreal. She received it from Mesaana in a trade for information. It was not a strong angreal, but made her far stronger than the strongest male channeler.

Ivory Seated Woman

This is a female angreal that was discovered by Elayne Trakand in the Kin's storeroom in Ebou Dar. It was the weakest of the three angreal discovered there. Elayne Trakand kept the angreal for personal use.

Gold Bracelet and Rings

Gold Bracelet and Rings

Stone Flower Brooch

This female angreal is only mentioned once. It was used by Siuan to heal during the Last Battle.

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