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The Badger Reborn

The Badger Reborn

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Hello! I'm a big fan of Robert Jordan's the Wheel of Time, and decided to make videos talking about the books and the upcoming Amazon tv show. I love making videos and sharing my ideas, and I hope you enjoy!

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I began reading the Wheel of Time after a friend introduced me to the series in middle school. I loved it right away and agonized over the weeks I had to wait between each book as I waited to be able to get them from the library (there always seemed to be someone who was taking forever to read the next book I needed). After Robert Jordan passed away, I assumed the series was ended for good but was thrilled when I heard that it was being revived by Brandon Sanderson! I never knew there was an online fan community while I was reading the books, and was rarely able to talk to anyone about them. When I found out, I was thrilled to participate and eventually decided to start making my own videos!

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