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Thred creates videos about the details of adapting the Wheel of Time and some of the historical and mythological inspiration that Robert Jordan used in writing his books.


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Roughly three years ago, I started my first job as a Runner for a Post-Production House in London. This meant getting up at 5 am every morning and embarking on a nearly 2-hour commute, there and back. After exhausting my iTunes Library, I decided I needed an audiobook to keep me company on those dark, cold train trips.

The Wheel of Time series was prescribed to me as a temporary fantasy fix whilst I impatiently waited for Winds of Winter to be finished. I downloaded the first book, The Eye of the World on audible, and it wasn’t long before my commute became the best 4 hours of the day.

Suddenly I wasn’t hemmed in on the Bakerloo battery cage, between a woman trying to do her make-up and a man who’d clearly decided to skip a shower that morning. Instead, I was in Emond’s Field, excited for Bel Tine and the chance to dance with the Mayor’s hot daughter.

After I devoured book 1, I think it’s safe to say I was hooked and eager to begin the second course. I immediately downloaded book 2, The Great Hunt. It was coming up to Christmas and whilst in a Waterstones one day, searching for some stocking fillers, curiosity drove me to seek out a copy of The Eye of the World to see how big the book actually was. Having listened to it as an audiobook, I had no sense of size… Blood and bloody ashes I thought to myself when I saw how thick the paperback was. Towards the top of its spine was printed a large ‘1’. Beside it on the shelf was The Great Hunt. Equally thick, with the number ‘2’ printed proudly at its peak. But next to that…

At this point, I’d like to interject and remind you The Wheel of Time was intended to be a temporary fix to fill the fantasy craving gap in my life. With that in mind let’s head back to the bookshelf.

…A Memory of Light. Broader than both it’s predecessors, and on its spine was the number ‘14’.


Two questions suddenly forced their way into my mind…

1. Who’s in charge of ordering stock for these Waterstones?

And 2. Light! What have I gotten myself into?

After completing the series I started making videos and writing articles about The Wheel of Time as a coping mechanism for the immediate loss I felt after finishing the series.