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BREAKING NEWS! Weekly Wheel News 6-04 hits peddler's carts now! If you don't believe it, you're a DARKFRIEND!

WHITECLOAKS ANNOUNCE BID TO BAN TEL'ARAN'RHIOD! "If the Children vote on it, I'll ban... what was it? Ticky'rod?" - Lord Captain Commander Pedron Niall

CAEMLYN PALACE RAIDED ON TRAFFICKING CHARGES! What do we REALLY know about Lord Gaebril? (Image of Sean P. Diddy Combs looking trepedatious in front of Caemlyn palace)

HALL OF SERVANTS ANNOUNCES MAJOR LAYOFFS! Dai'shain Aiel latest victims of recesssion!

DRAGON REBORN TO GET NEW STEP-DAD! "He put a bridal-wreath on it!" - Shaiel

LORD TALMANES SPOTED OUTSIDE SEANCHAN KAF SHOP! ("Mickey" from Seinfeld holding coffee cup in front of MOE'S in NYC)


The Weekly Wheel News is a #wheeloftime inspired project by Rob Christianson, a designer and art director based in the Pacific Northwest. As a comedic weekly satire of the old supermarket tabloid Weekly World News and Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, the WWN is Randland's ONLY Reliable News Source. The WWN continues to entertain thanks to the generous donations of its Patreon supporters. If you would like to help bring news (and laughter) to the fans of the Wheel of Time, please consider joining us at Support at any level is appreciated. Tai'shar Manetheren.

Follow the Weekly Wheel News on its various social channels at


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