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Top 10 Most Anticipated Season 2 Reveals on the Wheel of Time

What We Know So Far and What We're Dying to See

Three photos, from left to right: Ceara Coveney, Natasha O'Keefe, and Meera Syal (all actors)

This article contains spoilers for Season 1 of the Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime and for the first two books in the series.

Two weeks ago, Amazon confirmed that the filming of Season 2 of the Wheel of Time has wrapped. The short video released to commemorate the occasion was reminiscent of Season 1’s table read and stirred up memories of the good old days, when fans ruthlessly picked apart seconds-long footage, frame by frame.

As anticipation builds and speculation abounds, it seems the right time to review what we know so far and what we're most excited to see in Season 2. For me, it’s Thom Merrilin, but so far we’ve seen nothing on him other than Alexandre Willaume being hot on Instagram.

In the absence of #ThomNews, I've consoled myself by thinking about all the unknowns I am most looking forward to discovering in Season 2. The result was this list of my top 10 most anticipated Season 2 reveals.

10. Moiraine and Lan’s Storyline

Other than some light research and a quickie with a draghkar, Moiraine and Lan do next to nothing in The Great Hunt after leaving Shienar. But with Rosamund Pike and Daniel Henney as leading actors on the Wheel of Time, they'll need something to do in Season 2.

Lan holding a crying Moraine against his chest in one of the last scenes of Episode 8 of Season 1 of the Wheel of Time.

Leading roles aside, Moiraine's loss of access to the One Power at the Eye of the World in Season 1 is a drastic divergence from the books that will further necessitate the creation of new plotlines for Moiraine and Lan in Season 2.

In an interview with Content Mode, Daniel Henney hinted at what Season 2 will look like for Moiriane and Lan:

“Lan and Moiraine will be tested. Individually and as a Warder/Aes Sedai unit. They’ll face challenges that have huge implications. I consider season 2 a ‘journey season’ for Lan. He will be faced with many moments and situations that force him to question everything he’s believed in and how he’s lived his life up to this point. It’s really hard for me to not give too much away, but I will say this—2 swords, multiple fades, blood….lots of blood.”

Like, more blood than was spurting out of Lan's neck at the end of Episode 4? I’m here for it.

9. Those F***ing Waygates

Moiraine on her white horse Aldeib, standing in front of a Waygate

I know. I didn’t want them on this list any more than you did. But in this world of technology-saturated isolation and short attention spans, meme-ability and mockability are royalty, and the WoT Waygate has made a strong play for the throne.

The Waygate, beautiful yet somehow visually unsatisfying as a doorway and nothing like it’s described in the books, has grown on me (not in small part because of the Tweeter of Chaos’s undying love).

I now have a grudging appreciation for the Waygate—not necessarily for its use on the Wheel of Time, but for who it is as a person. At the very least, the Waygate brought our heroes to Shienar and gave Fain a cool place to stand and hold a trefoil leaf.

Johann Myers as Padan Fain standing in front of a Waygate, glancing down at a silver trefoil key he holds in his hand.

So what is the fate of the Waygate in Season 2? The Wayfate, if you will (not sorry). Some have wondered if the Waygates could also be used as portal stones, which are heavily featured in Book 2 of the series, The Great Hunt.

Leaked photos of two similar structures in Morocco (one in an overgrown area, one on a beach) suggest that the show's love affair with Waygates is far from over. Whatever happens, it seems the Waygate could be a contender for "best glow-up" in the series on a future top 10 list.

8. What is Rand doing in Falme?

According to the JordanCon AMA, Falme is where “we are going” in Season 2. And while not confirmed, rumor has it that Rand will be there as well, specifically in “the cosmopolitan city of Falme.”

Why does Rand choose Falme to hide while he plays dead, and how did he get there? What does he do all day? Does he ever get to learn some sword forms? Does he dare to buy a snacc from a street vendor?

These questions, along with our sacred mission to experience more of Josha Stradowski’s acting, make it very hard to wait to learn more about Season 2 Rand's journey.

7. Dónal Finn’s Mat

Ever since the news broke in September, I’ve been watching my Twitter timeline try to make sense of the loss of Barney Harris as Mat. Everyone processes grief in different ways, and Harris’s gorgeous performance in Season 1 set some of us back a step or two, but one thing is now abundantly clear: the final stage of grief is thirst for Dónal Finn.

Black and white headshot of Irish actor Donal Finn

New artwork of Mat, excitement over any glimpse of him in photos of the cast in Prague, demands as to why he was not seen at the latest Wheel of Time Q & Athe fandom seems ready to not only meet but embrace Finn’s Mat. With Rafe’s seal of approval, plus the mystery of how exactly the show will introduce Mat 2.0, it's no wonder Dónal Finn has our full attention now.

6. Ceara Coveney as Elayne

With a slew of social media posts that scream pure Elayne energy (from this saucy selfie, to this “one cup” of wine, to this bath scene), plus her reliable stream of Instagram stories revealing glimpses of other cast members, Ceara Coveney has already captured the hearts of the fandom.