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Daise Congar


Andoran (Two Rivers)


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General Information

Daise Congar is a woman from Emond's Field in the Two Rivers region of Andor. She is married to Wit Congar.

She is described as being hard-faced and is a wide, but muscular woman. She is both taller and wider than her husband, Wit, and she is described as having a mean streak and a temper, although she is not as foolish as her husband.


At the beginning of the story, Daise is a member of the Women's Circle in Emond's Field. We first meet her as Tam and Rand enter the village to bring brandy to the Inn for Bel Tine. Wit Congar was telling Tam that something needed to be done about the Wisdom, Nynaeve al'Meara and Daise shouts at her husband from her doorway for meddling in Women's Circle business.

Later, when it is assumed that Nynaeve would not be returning, Daise becomes the Wisdom of Emond's Field. 

When Perrin returns to the Two Rivers after the Whitecloaks and trollocs invade, Marin al'Vere threatens Cenn Buie that she will have Daise come visit him if he doesn't keep his mouth shut about Perrin returning. 

After a trolloc attack, Verin Mathwin sends a girl to get Daise to help to tend the wounded. She cannot channel as Nynaeve could, but she does help tend to the wounded with herbs and ointments.

While Emond's Field is under siege from the trollocs, Daise objects to having the Tinkers move into the village, but Perrin becomes angry and tells her that they will not be leaving anyone to die to the trollocs and Daise realizes her foolishness. Later in the siege, when food rations are running low, Daise and Marin al'Vere discuss rationing the food the village has. They have been giving the men full rations while the women receive half rations as the men need to fight.

Daise is one of the members of the Women's Circle who decide that Faile has been betrothed to Perrin long enough and approves of the wedding and helps to preside over the ceremony.

At the last battle of the Battle of the Two Rivers at Emond's Field, Daise and some of the other women have put together a plan to get the children out of the village if the trollocs manage to break the line. The trollocs then do break through the lines, but the Whitecloaks, who had promised to help, do not. Daise, armed with a pitchfork, rushes to fill the gaps in the battle lines and the other women do the same. Daise kills a trolloc with her pitchfork by stabbing it through the neck.

After the battle, Daise remains the Wisdom of Emond's Field, although she now refers to Faile as "my Lady" and Perrin as "my Lord" and defers to them. She takes the lead among the Wisdoms in bringing disputes to Faile as Faile holds court. 

Daise has dresses made by Faile. With the Seanchan pushing many refugees from Tarabon and Arad Doman into the Two Rivers, a Domani dressmaker named Therille Marza has moved into Emond's Field and Daise has some dresses commissioned for Faile.

In Other Media

Mandi Symonds has been cast as Daise Congar in the upcoming Wheel of Time adapatation by Amazon Studios. Mandi has been acting in television roles since 1982 and is most known for recurring roles on Causalty and Jungle Junction. 

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