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Blue, with black saa floating in his eyes

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Nae'blis, Elan Morin Tedroni

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Basic Information


Moridin is tall and broad shouldered. He has dark hair and blue eyes with the black sa from too much use with the True Power. He appears to be in his mid-twenties. He is considered very handsome.




Moridin seems to have shed at least some of the insanity that Ishamael had. He is still addicted to the True Power, but he is much calmer and more strategic. He still hopes to see the cycle of rebirth broken. He is much more quiet and brooding with occasional violent mood swings toward anger.

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Actions During the Story

Actions Before the Story


Moridin is not present in the story until after Ishamael is killed and later he is resurrected as Moridin. For more information on Moridin in his previous incarnation of Ishamael, please see the Ishamael page.


New Spring

Moridin is not present in this book.

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Actions Between the Books


Moridin is not present in the story until after Ishamael is killed and later he is resurrected as Moridin. For more information on Moridin in his previous incarnation of Ishamael, please see the Ishamael page.


Eye of the World

Moridin is not present in this book.

The Eye of The World NICE.jpg

The Great Hunt

Moridin is not present in this book.

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The Dragon Reborn

Moridin is not present in this book.

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The Shadow Rising

Moridin is not present in this book.

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Fires of Heaven

Moridin is not present in this book.

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Lord of Chaos

Moridin is not present in this book, but we know it is around this time that The Dark One resurrects Ishamael and renames him Moridin, meaning death. Unlike other resurrected Forsaken, Moridin doesn't suffer additional punishment for his death because the resurrection is his punishment After his resurrection, he travels to the Town where the Samma N'Sei insult him by thinking he is one of the Talentless, and he kills many of them.

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A Crown of Swords

The first appearance of Moridin, he is not named in the narrative. He simply watches as Sammael and Graendal manipulate Sevanna and the Shaido. He is amused at Sammael's boasting that he will be Nae'blis because Moridin has already been given the title of Nae'blis by the Dark One. Moridin has already been using the True Power at this point, as evidenced by the Saa floating in his eye. He briefly contemplates killing the Shaido Wise Ones, but decides to let them sew further chaos instead. 

Moghedien is delivered to Moridin after she is freed from the a'dam by Aran'gar. This is after Shaidar Haran had bound her to a cour'souvra, and Moridin holds her mindtrap at this point. Moghedien also sees that he has another, which we later learn is tied to Cyndane. 

The next appearance of Moridin is in Shadar Logoth. He rescues Rand from falling into a pit while pursuing Sammael. He also balefires a tendril of Mashadar, crossing balefire with Rand in the process. This moment creates a link between Rand and Moridin. He then gives Rand a hint on how to find Sammael before disappearing. It should also be noted that Moridin uses only the True Power during this encounter.

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Path of Daggers

In the prologue of TPoD, Moridin strokes the two mindtraps he has while contemplating a sha'rah board. He thinks of how the central piece of the game, the Fisher, may be based on Rand, and destroys the piece in a sudden fit of rage or perhaps madness. 

Later, he watches as Elayne, Nynaeve, and the Kin flee Ebou Dar. Initially, he shows no interest in them or the cache of angreal and ter'angreal they had found. When his servant Madic tells Moridin that the girls have the Bowl of Winds, however, he becomes angry, planning to stop the girls from using the Bowl whatever it takes. Without even realizing it, Moridin kills the man before using the True Power to create a gateway and leave. 

He promotes the darkfriend Mili Skane then sends her to Caemlyn. She is given Falion, Mirillin, and Daved Hanlon to use, and Moridin puts her in charge of killing Jaichim Carridin.

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Winter's Heart

Moridin meets with Demandred, Graendal, Osan'gar, and Aran'gar. Here, he introduces them to Cyndane. Cyndane reports that Rand plans to cleanse saidin. Moridin makes the decision that Rand must be stopped at all costs, reluctantly agreeing to allow him to be killed, but only if it proves impossible to capture him. 

Kisman, who already had separate orders from Taim and Demandred to kill Rand, is ordered by Moridin to retrieve Rand's possessions but to only kill him if need be. Rochaid, Gedwyn, and Torval are also given this order by Moridin. It is likely that he was hoping to get the Choeden Kal. Moridin doesn't go to Shadar Logoth or participate in the battle during the cleansing. Moghedien and Cyndane do, however, feel him stroking their Mindtraps.

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Moridin summons Aran'gar, Demandred, Graendal, and Mesaana to a meeting in Tel'aran'rhiod where Cyndane and Moghenien also attend as his servants. At the meeting, he tells the other Forsaken to hunt down Perrin and Mat, but to leave Egwene where she is and to not harm Rand. 

Rand starts to see images of Moridin in his mind during this book, and he thinks that the man may be aware of him as well. During Rand's dizzy spells while channeling, he sees Moridin, who also looks like he may be ill.

Crossroads of Twlilight NICE.jpg

Crossroads of Twilight


Moridin is not present in this book.

Knife of Dreams NICE.jpg

Knife of Dreams


Moridin sets up a meeting with Demandred and Mesaana in Tel'aran'rhiod. They beg him to free Semirhage, and he refuses. Moridin allows Graendal to overhear this conversation as a reward, and she notices that his left hand - the same hand Rand had recently lost - was stiff and pained him. 

Afterward, Moridin meets with Graendal, whom he orders to cause anguish to Rand but to not harm him. 

Rand finds himself pulled into one of Moridin's dreams one night, without Rand or Moridin intending it. Rand recognizes Moridin as the man from Shadar Logoth, but also realizes that he is Ishamael reincarnated. Despite this, they have a relatively friendly chat. Moridin explains that balefire is the only way to ensure the Forsaken will remain dead, and that he has noticed a connection between them but doesn't fully understand it. It is during this conversation that Moridin reveals his philosophy on time and how it led to his decision to join the Dark One. He also mocks and shows contempt of the other Forsaken in this encounter.

Gathering Storm NICE.jpg

The Gathering Storm


Moridin finds Graendal hiding on an island in the Aryth Ocean and reprimands her for her failure with Rand and for causing the death of Aran'gar. To redeem herself, she swears to deal with Perrin. Moridin agrees to grant her a last chance, giving her a dreamspike and Slayer to use. He reveals to her one of the Dark Prophecies that seems to indicate Perrin's inevitable death.

Towers of Midnight NICE.jpg

Towers of Midnight


Moridin gathers the Forsaken for one last meeting before the Last Battle. He reveals two new Forsaken: Mazrim Taim now raised to M'Hael, and Hessalam, the resurrection of Graendal. Moghedien is given her cour'souvra and placed under Demandred's command, who in turn is placed in charge of the Shadow's forces. Moridin tells the Forsaken that their plots must be put aside, and they will be united for the Last Battle. 

Rand is later pulled into Moridin's dreamshard. They discuss Lanfear's resurrection as Cyndane and debate Moridin's philosophies. Finally, Rand causes sunlight to stream through the clouds and cause the grass to become lush and green. This frightens Moridin, causing him to flee his own dream. 

Moridin places the Forsaken in charge of killing Perrin and Mat. 

He mortally wounds Alanna, who is bonded to Rand, and waits for Rand to arrive in Shayol Ghul. His eyes are nearly completely black from the saa. Shaidar Haran's lifeless body is with him as is the presence of the Dark One. When Rand does arrive, he tries to convince Moridin to leave the side of the Shadow. Moridin refuses, thinking that his oblivion is coming soon. He charges Rand, and they sword-fight for a short time. Rand touches the pit with his foot, and time freezes. 

When Rand returns from his struggle with the Dark One, Moridin stabs Alanna in the heart, hoping to drive Rand mad. Alanna manages to break her Bond with Rand before dying, so Moridin then tries stabbing his own hand, knowing it would cause Rand pain as well. Rand drops Callandor in response, and Moridin quickly picks it up. Moridin determines that Callandor can amplify the True Power as well as saidin. When he tries to use it against Rand, Moiraine and Nynaeve exploit it's flaw to force Moridin into a circle that they control. The Dark One was unable to cut off Moridin's access to the True Power, so Rand then uses saidin, saidar, and the True Power to reseal the Dark One's prison. 

As Rand is dying, he and Moridin are pulled out of the cave at Shayol Ghul. Somewhere in that time, Rand swaps bodies with Moridin, leaving Moridin's soul in his dying body with Rand taking the body that had been Moridin's. This finally allows Moridin to die. He is then cremated in the Dragon's place.

A Memory of Light NICE.jpg

A Memory of Light

Character Summaries

Special Abilities


Moridin is as strong in channeling saidin after his resurrection as he was before. According to the Companion, he has a power level of ++1, putting him at the same level Rand and Rahvin. It is said that Ishamael was as strong as it was possible to be with the One Power and that Moridin is the same strength. 

He has also been granted access to the True Power by the Dark One. He has almost unlimited access and uses it nearly exclusively. 

During the Age of Legends, Elan Morin Tendronai was known as a brilliant philosopher. He is very intelligent and a master manipulator. 

Moridin had a very strong talent in Tel’aran’rhiod. He was very likely a Dreamer and was a complete master of the World of Dreams. He frequently makes use of the World of Dreams in the story, including using Dreamshards very often.

Notable Possessions


Moridin, as the Nae'blis, possessed all of the objects of power that the Shadow had collected over the years, including numerous Dreamspikes, various Shadowspawn, and all of the forces of the Shadow. He also possessed the Mindtraps for both Moghedien and Cyndane.



The soul of Elan Morin Tendronai died during the Last Battle, along with the body of Rand al’Thor. Moridin’s body, however, now contains Rand’s soul. He cannot channel but does have some unknown ability to manipulate reality. Since the Dragon Reborn is thought dead, Moridin/Rand is free from responsibility.

In Other Media

Moridin has not been cast as of yet for the upcoming Wheel of Time television show.

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