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Hello WOT Fans! I am Lion from HobbiesofaMan, a small time YouTube channel, where I currently discuss Manga, Light Novels, Books and sometimes Comics. I currently am working on my first complete read of the Wheel of Time and was chronicling it as a video series on my channel. I want to join and interact with the community going forward as I really have loved what I have read. Thank you all!


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Creator Bio

I started the Wheel of Time because of three very special YouTubers. I was a long time fan of Daniel Greene who then introduced me to Nae'blis and then led to me finding Mike's Book Reviews. The sheer amount of Wheel of Time hype created by these three really made me want to read it. I started reading The Eye of the World in the summer of 2018 and made it all the way past the Dragon Reborn at the end of last year. I started my YouTube Channel in March when I found sudden love for Manga and Light Novels, however, I felt Wheel of Time calling me back and I decided to make a video series where I would review and then discuss each book as I read it. I really love what I am doing with that and I want the Wheel of Time to be a staple of my channel, even if its not the main focus.