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Dragonmount is one of the premiere Wheel of Time web destinations featuring franchise news, community, and events. As one of the oldest WoT fan communities, the site hosts a YouTube channel, active social media accounts, franchise news and commentary, forums, Clubs, book summaries and recaps, Robert Jordan's archived blog, an eBook store, a 100+ episode podcast, and much more.


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Dragonmount was founded in 1998 by Jason Denzel. Back in the late 1990's, Jason was seeking a way to connect with other fans and found that most of the discussion was still confined to usenet and some scattered early-Internet forums. Having little knowledge at the time of how to create or maintain a large website, Jason launched the site with the help of a plucky band of volunteers. They launched at the perfect time, shortly before the publication of THE PATH OF DAGGERS, and right when the world was moving off of services like AOL and moving to the "real Internet" as we know it today.

As time went on Jason built a close friendly relationship with Robert Jordan, as well as with Harriet McDougal and the rest of Team Jordan. He became close to Brandon Sanderson and now chats regularly with other WoT-related people such as Rafe Judkins. Jason was an early consultant for a Wheel of Time movie adaptation, and he's also consulted on everything from the WoT card game to the WoT graphic novels. He's on the board of directors for JordanCon, the annual convention celebrating Robert Jordan and similar works. He's since gone on to produce his own traditionally-published fantasy novels, published by Tor Books.

Today, Dragonmount Jason leads an awesome team of moderators, bloggers, editors, and video talent who continue to create content related to the series.