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New to the Wheel of Time? Or perhaps you're an old friend? This channel is all about The Wheel of Time for fans and darkfriends alike!

I'm all about quality over quantity... that said, I'd love to create a video like this once every week or two. We'll start with once per month and go from there.

Eventually I hope to do Wheel of Time TV series episode breakdowns.


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Creator Bio

Been reading the Wheel of Time since around 1996. Anxiously awaited each new installment starting with The Path of Daggers. Had the opportunity to meet Brandon Sanderson at the midnight release party of The Gathering Storm. Was a "Tower Guard" for the Towers of Midnight and A Memory of Light books signings for the first official midnight release. Met Harriet at the ToM release party, as well as Jason Denzel (of Dragonmount.com fame) and Matt Hatch (Theoryland, the Dusty Wheel).

I love animation and video and have been a full time motion graphic artist and video editor for 15 years. Finally merged to two things I love most, animation and The Wheel of Time into a YouTube channel!