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Third Age Art


Content Description

Content Description

Third Age Art is the hub for the fanart of Corey Lansdell. I create high-quality fanart based on the Wheel of Time on Prime cast and also the books. It's a passion of mine to create the best art that I can and share it with the community.

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How Can I Support Third Age Art?


It takes many hours and a lot of hard work to create content for the community to enjoy! Many of your favorite creators do this for little to no money. Your financial support shows them you value their work as well allows them to create more and more content for you to enjoy! Please consider the options below to support this creator!

1. Patreon

Patreon is the best way to directly support Third Age Art. Check out the various tiers on the Patreon as you get perks for your level of support! 


2. Merch

Purchase all of Third Age Art's prints and art by following the link.


Creator Bio

Creator Bio

I started reading the wheel of time in 2013. I'm currently on my third read through. When the news about the TV show started to solidify, I started a journey of creating art featuring the cast. The goal with this are was to depict the cast as their characters in costume. I really wanted to see them as the characters. It's been an incredible, fun process and I've really fallen in love with the Wheel of Time community online.

I share my work on my instagram account, reddit, twitter, facebook, my website and I have a youtube channel where I share process videos.

For the deeply invested in my creative journey, I have a patreon page where I provide early access and process content.

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