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Wheel of Time focused YouTube channel featuring a detailed, spoiler-filled reread series, including chapter recaps, discussion of foreshadowing, characters, themes, and more. It also includes speculation (and eventually recaps and discussion) for the Wheel of Time on Prime TV series.


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I started reading The Wheel of Time around 2007 and was immediately hooked, blazing through the available books and rereading right away, as well as ahead of each of the remaining books. I read lots of available fan content on the internet but didn't contribute much at that time. My husband and I read aloud The Gathering Storm, Towers of Midnight, and A Memory of Light together since we each couldn't allow the other one to get ahead. My excitement for the upcoming Wheel of Time on Prime inspired me to start my YouTube channel and I started thinking about what kinds of content both old and new fans might be looking for ahead of the show that I hadn't seen out there yet.