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Do you love Wheel of Time?  (Of course, you do, why else are you here?) Wanna nerd out about it with someone who thinks about these books way more than is probably normal? Then you’ve come to the right place! 

Let’s talk about things we love, things that make us laugh, things that confuse us.  Let’s psychoanalyze the characters and speculate about their motivations.  Let’s swoon over our favorite characters and gripe about those we can’t stand.  Let’s talk about our hopes for the show and the future of the Wheel of Time!


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Creator Bio

I was given a copy of Eye of the World in the mid-90s by my roommate’s boyfriend, who decided to give it to me instead of throwing it away.  He turned out to be a dick, but I will always be grateful to him for introducing me to this world.

I have read, and re-read this series so many times I have lost count.  On more than a few occasions, I have put down the most recently released book and immediately picked up The Eye of the World again because I couldn’t wait to be back in this world.  Because I have been reading (and rereading) these books for so long, I feel like I have grown with them, that they are old friends; I can even trace some of my own growth through the way I view certain characters and certain things that happen in these books.

I decided to make a Youtube channel because when I heard that Wheel of Time was going to be made into a series, I was bursting to talk about this with someone, anyone… but no one around me has read these books… so I made a channel.  So that’s what my channel is; just me, a nerdy girl who loves these books and loves talking about them.