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Alex Nieves


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Content Description


Hey everybody, I'm just a guy that loves books and wants to use YouTube to interact with fantasy and sci-fi readers. I love to review the books that I read and get conversations going about the content of those books. After being away from reading for over a decade, I dove back in this year and sparked my interest once again.


I have just begun the Wheel of Time and will be creating a whole lot of videos about the series. This will mainly consist of book reviews, but I have many other video plans in the works as well.


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Creator Bio


I started making content after my return to reading in January of 2020. I hadn't read a single book in over a decade and after finding out about all of the great fantasy book content on YouTube, I decided to create my channel. I started out reviewing Mistborn and some other books and had always planned on reading the Wheel of Time. I finally took the plunge and just recently, at the end of May, read and loved The Eye of the World.

I didn't even really know this series existed until about 6 months ago when I returned to reading, much like everything else I have read so far this year, and I am totally pumped to get involved with this fantastic Wheel of Time community and get my voice and opinions out there for the series. I love all things fantasy, and the show sounds like it has a lot to live up to and I am incredibly excited about it as well. I'm only 1 book into the series, but I plan on reading the entire series over the next 8-12 months and creating content for it!