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Blood and Ashes Podcast


Content Description

Content Description

We're just three middle-aged dads geeking out over The Wheel of Time. In anticipation of the upcoming Amazon series we all started re-reading the series and are doing a chapter by chapter recap and spoiler-filled discussion.

Do we have heavily researched facts? No.
Do we know how to pronounce all the unique names? No.
Do we know how to pronounce basic English words? Yes. Mostly.
Do we love the series, know enough to sound knowledgeable, and get excited about talking about everything we love (and dislike) about the series? Absolutely!

We have all been friends for over 2 decades, so join our friendly banter and get some WoT excitement and laughs into your day.

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Creator Bio

Creator Bio

We all read the series in our youth, starting in high school, and re-read the series again when Brandon Sanderson finished it up. Now we're reading the series again in anticipation of the Amazon TV series and decided to record our unfiltered enthusiasm in the hope that it would be infectious.

This is a pure passion project, so come enjoy some of our passion! (In a platonic way, of course.)

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